Where does the Fat Go?

Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body recognizes that they are no longer needed and a gradual process occurs where the fat cells and fat material are cleared away. The fat cells are degraded by enzymes, while the BodySculptingactual fat is transported through the lymphatic system, and converted to energy – just like the fat that you eat. Your body is already fully equipped to handle this natural elimination process. You will notice a gradual reduction in fat deposits, with initial improvements apparent at 3-4 weeks  and final results at 3 months.

How much Reduction in Fat can I Expect?

We are the only provider in the 8-state Western Region with 4 Coolsculpting devices. Our protocols, specifically developed for treatments with multiple machines, allow us to provide you with the most effective results, in the shortest amount of time, at the best possible price. The results are simply amazing and are often equivalent to liposuction – without the downtime. We have seen 3 – 4 inch reductions in fat.

COMBINATION TREATMENTS: For even faster elimination of fat material and truly outstanding results we also offer a packages of CoolSculpting combined with Ultrasound Cavitation (the only other non-surgical technology that also eliminates fat cells) and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening & Body Contouring. Please ask us about these innovative combinations during your consultation.

Coolsculpting makes it possible to truly sculpt problem areas such as Flanks or ‘Love handles’,  Abdomen, Inner Thighs, Upper Arms, ‘Muffin Tops’, ‘Bra Bulges’ and ‘Saddlebags’.

Will I notice other changes to my Health?

We are currently conducting an in-depth study demonstrating how Coolsculpting can improve pre-diabetic markers in overweight individuals by simply removing excess subcutaneous fat.

This particular type of fat is not just ‘dead’ tissue. Recent studies have shown that fat (subcutaneous or visceral) is actually an alternate endocrine organ. It is responsible for raising inflammatory markers, producing negative Estrogens, and generating many pre-diabetic markers.

We are happy to report that by simply reducing the volume of subcutaneous fat via Coolsculpting, our patients have reported decreased joint pain and general inflammation, as well as reduced intake of blood pressure medications and Metformin. In women we see improved Estrogen ratios and often need to adjust hormone dosages due to reduced Estrone production.